South and East of Wigston

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Oadby and Wigston Borough needs more homes for a growing population. The numbers of households are increasing and people are living longer. Oadby and Wigston Borough Council therefore needs to ensure that it has plans in place to ensure that enough new homes are provided to meet these needs.

In 2010 the Council agreed its strategy for future housing growth in the Borough. The Core Strategy identifies a Direction for Growth to the south and east of Wigston to provide around 450 new homes and 2.5 to 3.5 hectares of employment land up to 2026. The location is also intended to provide for longer term housing needs. The Council is now working on the details of the proposals for the development of the Direction for Growth.

The Council’s adopted Core Strategy can be viewed here

David Wilson Homes controls land to the south of Newton Lane and east of Welford Road and has instructed Pegasus Group to prepare an overall indicative masterplan to show how the area could be developed to deliver the Council’s strategy for growth and provide for longer term needs. The overall masterplan and a potential phase of 450 homes can be viewed on this website.

We are keen to involve local people in shaping our ideas for development in this area. This website provides details of the indicative masterplan proposals. A response form is available if you wish to make any comments.

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